Nowadays, the music industry is thriving in each and every field from films to regional, classical to electronic dance music. The music, media and entertainment industries of Gujarat are making significant strides and in coming years, they will turn out to be sunrise sectors. Films, television and documentaries are all audio visual Medias which solely rely on Sound and Music Technology. Without sound technology, the cinematic experience is handicapped and lacks authenticity. Dialogues and music along with a whole lot of critical auditory components make a motion picture successful!

We believe that, if you want to excel in the art of sound engineering, it is essential to undergo rigorous training and gain in-depth knowledge about the creative and technical aspects of sound process. For this purpose, Silver Oak University authorizes Rishabh Digital Recording Studio, as a Skill Knowledge Provider under the scheme of the National Vocational Educational Qualification Framework (NVEQF). Rishabh Digital Recording Studio is a comprehensive and fine-tuned computer based institute having the technical proficiency of major sound equipment such as amplifiers, monitors, microphones, processors, along with imparting an excellent understanding of sound mixing and recording technology.

Every detail of the course has been formulated by experienced recording engineer and professional audio educator of our country Shri Avinash Oak Sir.

Let’s have his own words :
"I have immense pleasure in associating myself with Rishabh Digital Recording Studio in their sound engineering course. I have conceptualised the curriculum of this course, which is very detailed and exhaustive. We have all departments of sound engineering covered, so that the student who graduates from this institute would be able to shine in any department in the sound engineering field.

I am going to personally conduct all theory classes and ensure that the profound basics of audio engineering are imbibed in the graduates of the institute. The institute has its own professional recording studio with all the up-to-date equipment. This ensures that students get hands-on training on absolutely modern recording gear. The most important fact is that Rishabh Studio is an approved Skill Knowledge Provider by the prestigious Silver Oak University of Gujarat, known for its highest global standards and best practices in education. With all this background coupled with all our sincere efforts I am confident that the institute will be a major force in the sound engineering education field, not only in the state of Gujrat but in the whole of India."

    Rishabh Digital Recording Studio offers a Diploma in Vocation (Sound Recording Technology). The institute has strong links with the media industries and this has helped in developing this course by identifying needs of the industry. Every detail of the course has been formulated by experienced recording engineers, and professional audio educator in our country. This course is approved by the prestigious Silver Oak University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, known for its highest global standards and best practices in education. Acquiring technical knowledge and practical expertise can only be achieved with hands-on training method. That is why theory lectures and technical demonstrations held in the classes are immediately followed by practical sessions in the professional studio of the academy. The initial theory classes impart most profound and fundamental concepts to the students. Skills are developed and concepts are refined until, within nine months students are confidently operating our professional recording facilities. And each and every aspect described above will be executed in our well-equipped recording studio which augments the overall fluency of this program.

In the following three months duration each individual student finishes his/her projects that accurately represent their acquired skills, and finishes final examinations. Students spend a significant amount of time both in the classroom and in the studio. All classes are delivered in one of the school’s superbly maintained lecture rooms. The practicals are held in the professional recording studio under the guidance of industry experienced mentors. The institute offers small class size with ample access to faculty and facilities of the recording studio. That is more individual attention, more hands-on time and great fulfilling experience.

It teaches practical application of craft and develops collaborative attitude while working on actual productions. Other qualities such as team spirit and interpersonal communication skills are imbibed through innovative educational methods. This way students easily adapt to the demanding environment of working in the of the media industry.

Course Title

Diploma in Vocation (Sound Recording Technology)


1 Year

Strength of Students

15 in each batch


Standard 12th accomplished, preferably with PCM and having access to PC/MAC.

Vocational proficiency in English and Hindi preferred


01 - Basics of Sound
02 - Microphones and Miking Techniques
03 - Mixing Console
04 - Digital Audio Workstations (DAW’s)
05 - Music Theory and Appreciation:
06 - Acoustics
07 - Digital Audio & Computer Hardware
08 - Processors, Plug-ins and their application
09 - Production process
10 - Mixing & Mastering
11 - Introduction to Film Sound
12 - Introduction to Broadcast Sound
13 - Introduction to Live Sound
14 - Principles of Professional life


  • Lectures
  • In-studio demonstrations
  • Faculty Aided Practicals
  • Hands-on practice on DAW.
    (Each student should possess a PC/MAC for individual practice at home. The individual practice enables them work really fast to easily adapt to the industry demands.)
  • Producing a soundtrack as group exercise (Music/song Recording).